Headache Racks

     Here at C & S Plating we are the main supplier  of three headache rack manufacturers. The purpose of a Rack is both to protect the top sides of a bed and protect the cab if the truck is rolled.      


      The C&S Plating Headache rack is manufactured here at the Corpus Christi Location. Each Headache Rack is custom built to fit each truck and manufactured to the specs requested by the customer. For more details on our headache rack options  and pricing visit our Headache Rack Page in Services.

     If you are looking for a custom built made to fit prefabricated headache rack made in New Braunfuls Texas Browns Welding is your manufacturer. We usually keep these racks in stock and available. Weather you want a short arm or long arm headache rack we have it avaliable. 

B&W also has their own Headache rack. If you are looking for something flashy and stylish This is your rack.

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